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API integration

API integration is the interrelation between two or more applications, through their APIs, that lets those systems interchange data. API integrations power processes around many high-performing businesses that keep data in sync, strengthen efficiency, and drive revenue.

What is an API?

An API, or “application programming interface,” according to Wikipedia is: “A set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools for building application software. In general terms, it is a set of clearly defined methods of communication between various software components.”

Why are APIs so important?

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) incorporate business processes, services, content and data. They link partners, systems, internal teams and various other sources easily and securely.

APIs shape the digital world. At present, there are more than 20,000 APIs listed in API online portal directories, with several hundred being added every month, and the trend is rising. Additionally, only public APIs are listed in these directories. If you take into consideration the countless APIs that are currently used internally by companies, the number 20,000 is conservative at best.

Why have APIs become so crucial to business?

APIs empower existing application functions and data to be leveraged by other systems and applications. This implies, for example, that with an API, data within a company database can be made accessible to other internal systems (i.e. legacy system integration). Before APIs, only remote or locally used resources could be made accessible to other systems.

Five Phases of the API lifecycle are


Planning and Design

This section includes what are the functions of an API, who has right of access, what is the expected volume, etc.


Implementation and Testing

API implementation and examine definitions to spot problems early on.


Deploy and Run (Basic)

Adoption of API documentation in the API catalog and definition of guidelines, along with mediation, traffic management and security.


Deploy and Run (Advanced)

Definition of further meta information and formation of reports regarding API monetization, adoption and frequency of consumption.


Versioning and Retirement

Conclusion on the basis of collected data whether an API is deactivated, extended or continued as before.

The API Solution

Our API Solution is a comprehensive solution to support API-based integration. It enfolds the entire API lifecycle, from creation, implementation, publishing to use, and supports API protection, API usage monitoring, and identity and access rights management.

Our API Solution includes the following components:

BIS API Integration (BIS API/EAI-Lösung)
It enables the development, administration, monitoring and control of all sorts of integration scenarios. This includes both systematic integration and ad hoc integration.

BIS API Management (BIS API Management Solution)

It is accountable for ensuring API governance with the associated components:

API Gateway : It hosts and executes API proxies that enforce API governance. Checks the access rights of the requester and routes the calls to internal services or converts them to internal interface calls.

API Portal : It offers customized role-based functionality for API vendors and API consumers/APP developers through a Web-based application, minimizing administration and communication overhead.

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